About Our New Mexico Archery Elk Hunts

Opening week, with 50% + Tree Stand and ground blind hunting in active pre-rut Bull usage habitat.

Sept. 2-7, $8,900.

7 day Archery Bugley Rut Hunt

Sept. 10-15 or Sept. 18-24 Sept- 19-24


New Mexico is among the top three states for consistently producing a higher percentage of older age class higher scoring mature bulls. These hunts take place during the pre-rut and the beginning of full rut.

Bowhunters will have the best advantage in taking trophy bulls on these hunts. Shot placement and penetration will “spell success.”

We strongly encourage premium broad heads for the best success, we prefer fixed blades.  A mature bull is tougher than any other animal most people hunt, in addition to the rut activity seeing them often times coated and caked with mud from wallows.  It is critical to get the correct shot placement and penetration for a double lung hit to successfully take an Elk. Too-light of shaft weight is the biggest problem in archery Elk hunting!” Even for well-placed shots. One lung penetration loses elk. Good shaft weight and the deepest penetrating broadheads are your best insurance against non-recovery of your bull.

Hunting with us on our New Mexico Private Lands in north central, south central and north eastern New Mexico Increases your odds of success greatly. Because good private land Elk country and good archery guides almost always mean big Bull opportunities

Meals and lodging are NOT included in any hunt price. We’ll send you a list of area motels, restaurants and Airbnbs in the area for you to choose from.

All hunts include a highly sought after Private Landowner Elk Permit to GUARANTEE the purchase of your state hunting license (no drawing) is an additional cost of $548.00