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Our Hunts Are Conducted On 100% Private Land “Exclusive For Our Hunters Only”. All New Mexico Elk Hunt Prices Include “No Draw” Landowner Permit. All Hunts Are Fair Chase

2023 New Mexico Cow Elk
5 Day Hunts November-December $1,850
Trophy Elk cancellation discounts.
4 Bull Tags available for 2023
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New Mexico Rifle Trophy Elk

Landowner Elk Permit Included in Price!  

Oct 1-5    Oct 8-12    Early Bugle Rifle $9,250 + State Tag Fee

Or any 5 days after Oct. 15th to Dec 31st  ($8,750) only if Tags are still available! Call for available dates. (A Specific Limit of Tags are available for these Ranches to ensure Quality Mature Bulls)

These season dates offer good post rut/second estrus activity with the older bulls still staying with the cows. Plus, the temperatures are cooling down which is always a plus for better hunting conditions and increased daytime elk activity. These hunts will take place on 100% private property in Units 42 and 46.

San Fernando/Santiago Land Grant

This vast North Central New Mexico private Land Grant is strictly managed and offers realistic opportunities  for high scoring bull elk! Only parties of 2 to 4 allowed during any one hunt date. 2 on 1 or 1 on 1 hunts available. Terrain is thickly wooded, steep and rugged and not for the faint of heart! This is the most realistic elk hunt we offer. Early dates in September/October are only available. Book this one early folks, it won’t last…

New Mexico Late Season Rifle

Hunts in North Central New Mexico

Any 5 days Nov. 15th—Dec 31, 2023
Unit 46 $8,250 + State Tag Fee

The very strong and predictable advantage on a late private land elk hunt is “Bachelor Bull Patterns” The older, larger bulls will leave the cows and move into the lower canyons and ridges and the more isolated pockets to build back energy and body weight to get through the winter. If you don’t mind a little colder weather, some of the highest scoring trophy bulls have been taken at this time of year in these areas.

New Mexico Archery Trophy Elk

New Mexico is among the top 3 states for consistently producing a higher percentage of older age class higher scoring mature bulls. These hunts take place during the pre-rut and the beginning of full rut. Good bugling activity is usually a common everyday occurrence Bowhunters will have the best advantage to take trophy bulls on these hunts, shot placement and penetration will “spell success.”

New Mexico Unit 36 Elk Hunts

This is a highly regarded Unit.  Unit 36 in New Mexico is known as a highly competitive Draw Unit because it shares space with the famous Mescalero Apache Reservation and their well known Mature Bulls.  The Apache Nation manages their Elk herds with science, tradition, and extreme discretion Guiding & Hunting. 

Spring Turkey Hunt

NM Allows for 2 Birds.  Any Legal Weapon means Shotgun, Handgun, Bow, Crossbow. This is the FIRST time offering NM Merriam Turkey Hunts on several of these NM Properties in Unit 46!  

NOW BOOKING 2023 New Mexico Cow Elk Hunts

5 day Rifle Season Oct.-Nov.-Dec.

Non Guided $1,850
Price includes landowner Elk Permit, which guarantees the elk tag issue.
You’ll also receive area maps highlighting elk concentrations
on both private and public land.

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