Merriam Turkey Spring Hunt

April 15 – May 10

The North American Wild Turkey Grand Slam is an awesome accomplishment for any sportsman. If you are closing out or just starting your Merriam leg of the North American Turkey Grand Slam then you have good odds on this limited, first time offering on our NM private properties. NM allows for 2 birds as well. See details below. Any Legal Weapon means Shotgun, Handgun, Bow, Crossbow (Read NM Proclamation rules on the definition).
This is the FIRST time offering NM Merriam Turkey Hunts on several of these NM Properties in Unit 46!

$1,500 + New Mexico State Tag
3 day Semi-Guided, Self-Calling Hunt.

No extra charge on a Second Bird if shot during the 3 day hunt. No Extra Charge for a non-hunter.
If an extra 2 days is desired for a second bird, then it’s an extra $400 for the second bird.

Meals and lodging are not included (we have recommended locations).
We recommend hunters buying their own tags after the deposit for the hunt is received or upon arriving in the State of NM, confirming your arrival. Deposits for this limited opportunity are on a first come, first serve basis and we will only take a limited number of hunters.
Guides will walk you into great Turkey Habitats. You get to enjoy the entire experience of self-calling and working your birds. If you have your own decoys etc. Guides will assist and help stage the best set up for you. We use natural materials for ground blinds.